Meet the Tightrope Team



Ron Ralston

Ron is founder and president of Tightrope Communications. He holds both Bachelor of Science and Master of Philosophy degrees. He has traveled and lectured on over 200 university campuses in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Ron has coached and trained professionals in communication skills over the last 25 years on three continents. Ron has led multiple proposal teams (RFP with orals segment) ranging from several million to ten billion in value. He has trained and led teams consisting from 1 presenter to 37 presenters for presentations ranging from 15 minutes to 40 hours. Many of those proposals included technical demonstrations and extensive Q&A sessions.


Dr. Tom Barrett

Dr. Tom Barrett is co-founder of Tightrope Communications and holds two Masters Degrees and a PhD. He is an expert on understanding the correlation between effective leadership and communication in the upper echelons of the corporate world. Tom has spent over 10,000 hours on the Hill in Washington working one-on-one with members of Congress. He is also a frequent coach to CEOs and other leaders in the business sector. Tom has spoken on Capitol Hill, the United Nations, NASA, the CIA and is one of the few persons ever asked to speak at the orientations for both political parties in the United States Congress. He leads an off-the-record leadership class to members of Congress every week when they are in session. Tom is a prolific author, having sold over a million books and tapes.


Dr. Henry Oursler

Dr. Henry Oursler is a sought-after speaker and trainer. He is a senior consultant for Tightrope Communications, working with major corporations around the country to help them give effective voice to their message. With a doctorate degree in communications, he has successfully led orals proposal efforts for major corporations for the last fifteen years. He is also the directional leader for LeaderShape, mentoring and coaching leaders around the country, conducting training seminars on effective leadership skills, vision and direction, and communications. Over the last twenty-five years, Henry has trained thousands of communicators on four continents, helping them increase their effectiveness in public speaking and presentation skills.