"Your careers will be determined largely
by how well you speak, by how well you write, and by the quality of your ideas... in that order."

- Patrick Henry Winston, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, MIT

Training Class - Extraordinary presentations

Schedule: 2 day module (8:30 - 4:30)


You will learn

  • The universal principles of extraordinary presentations
  • The art of persuasion and how the brain processes information
  • What most people struggle with in order to develop effective presentations
  • The art and science of effective presentations
  • How to develop an engaging introduction and fabulous summary
  • How to think on your feet and effectively handle a Q&A
  • How to effectively analyze your audience before, during and after you speak
  • How to effectively storyboard your presentation and shorten preparation time
  • Aggregate - Organize - Present
  • How to "Walk-the-Wall"
  • The importance of story and how to tell one
  • Effective voice and non-verbals 
  • What you fill a room with
  • Your communication style and adjust to your audience
  • How to evaluate your presentation's effectiveness
  • How to make the science of decision-making work in your favor

"I've been with this Fortune 100 Company for 25 years and this is the best training I have ever received."

- Engineer, Tier One Defense Contractor *

"This is the highest-rated training we have ever received! The comments from the class speak for themselves."

- Director of Training, Fortune 100 Company *

* Disclaimer: Because of Non-Disclosure Agreements we are unable to give individual names or companies.