Training class - Extraordinary Customer Connections

Schedule: 1 day module (8:30 - 4:30)


You will learn

  • Why customer rapport and connection is the unseen discriminator
  • How to make customer relations more than an afterthought
  • How to make the science of decision making work in your favor
  • How to maintain customer trust
  • How to turn engaged customers into a competitive advantage
  • The power of observation when meeting with customers
  • The power of questions when meeting with customers
  • The power of micro-moments that profoundly shape the entire customer experience
  • How to make emotional intelligence work for you in every customer encounter
  • What you fill a room with
  • What matters most in customer meetings
  • What the customer wants to learn about you
  • How to learn the pulse of your customer
  • How to lead an effective meeting

"This customer training was fantastic.
It's given me insight into myself and my customers that I either had forgotten or was unaware of."

- Director of Business Development, Tier One Defense Contractor *

* Disclaimer: Because of Non-Disclosure Agreements we are unable to give individual names or companies.