"They are simply the best on the planet. Tightrope communications is the SEAL team six of presentation coaches."

- Director of Business Development, Tier One Defense Contractor *


Responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) with an oral presentation requirement.



In the highly competitive proposal environment, effective orals coaching can make the difference between a win or a loss. Tightrope Communications brings proven best practices to your team and saves your presenters valuable time while climbing the learning curve. Additionally, we give your team the needed confidence to do their best individually and collectively to win the contract. 


Tightrope Communications Orals Experience

  • 78% win ratio in Commercial and Department of Defense arenas
  • Over 36 billion dollars in contract wins
  • Preparation for Orals ranging from 1 presenter for a 15-minute presentation, to 37 presenters for a 40-hour presentation
  • Tightrope has developed the "353 Orals Process" for preparing teams to fully address all orals requirements as part of an RFP
  • Tightrope prepares teams for Program Management Reviews, Preliminary Design Reviews, Critical Design Reviews, etc.

* Disclaimer: Because of Non-Disclosure Agreements we are unable to give individual names or companies.