"A person can have the greatest idea in the world - completely different and novel - but if that person can't convince enough other people, it doesn't matter."

- Dr. Gregory Berns, Iconoclast

Abraham Lincoln lived in an era that needed a messenger with a message that would resonate.  He accomplished both.  Lincoln knew better than anyone, if you can't communicate effectively, you will not lead.  We live in a world where resonating with your customers is more crucial than ever.  Honing your message and honing the messenger are critical to business, life and your success.

At Tightrope Communications, we are passionate about extraordinary presentations and extraordinary customer connections.  Why?  In today's business climate the stakes are high!  The normal keys to business success are money, a good product or service, the right people, and a good marketing plan. That's the WHAT.  The WHY is more critical.  Conveying data is one thing; persuading an audience is quite another.  Your task?  Develop a message that 'sticks'!

Presentations and customer connections are the de facto business communication tools.  Most of us need to call a 'time-out' and reconsider everything about our current presentations; What we say...How we say it... and What our audience sees when we say it.  We need to focus on three things;  (1) How to capture your audience, (2) Learn how to tell an effective story, and (3) Give them 'one thing' to remember from your presentation.

Extraordinary presentations and extraordinary customer connections are hard work.  The passionate pursuit of excellence requires focus, discipline, a process and knowing what to do... it's what makes 'extraordinary' possible!